2 Minutes with Noëmi Lakmaier

Still from film of Noëmi looking directly at the camera with a relaxed expression on her face

Unlimited offers talented disabled artists funds and mentoring support to develop, produce and show ambitious work. The aim of Unlimited is to embed work by disabled artists within the UK cultural sector, reach new audiences and shift perceptions of disabled people.

This new series of films by David Hevey, we look at the artists behind our round two commissions and explore the work from their perspective.

In this first film we spend two minutes with Noëmi Lakmaier, who tells us about the logistics and story behind her piece, Cherophobia.

Cherophobia is a one-off 8-hour live installation attempting to lift the artist’s tied and immobilised body off the ground using the force of 20,000 helium-filled multi-coloured balloons.