Could you be one of our Unlimited Allies?

Two performers recreate a scene from the film Red Shoe, a ballerina balancing on one leg reaches out for a red shoe hanging in the trees while the other supports the ballerina with rope around her waist

Unlimited is a small scheme with big ambition: we want to make the very best work by disabled artists available to audiences across the UK and beyond, transforming the cultural landscape for disabled artists and the whole arts infrastructure for the better.

We know we can’t do this on our own – and we don’t want to.

The only way to achieve the long term legacy that we wish for is to form strategic alliances to help us not only deliver the programme over the next few years, but to ensure that the artists, participants, audiences and all those involved have an improved experience for generations to come.

To help us we have created a network of Unlimited Allies.

So what could being an Unlimited Ally mean?

  • It might simply be that you take some of the Unlimited work and showcase it as part of your standard programme
  • it might mean that we work together to create mini events or festivals, or fit in new strands to events you are already programming – with work being shown and workshops, talks and residencies clustering around them
  • it might mean linking your venue to emerging local disabled artists, activitists and enthusiasts and to help look at access and outreach in a more focused sense
  • it might mean that an organisation helps us get the message out, or keeps their doors open for disabled artists as they develop new work

We are looking for allies across the sector – it might be that you are a training provider who would welcome disabled applicants to your courses and want to align with us to mutually widen reach.

We want meaningful relationships with venues and organisations UK-wide, which are personal and tailored to what we can both offer each other. If you’re interested please email to start a conversation.

“Being an Unlimited Ally sharpened our thinking as an organisation and developed our practice as curator-producers. Wearing this badge on our festival programme felt like a really active, positive, public statement and we are proud to be part of the movement.”

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