Can you help us measure our impact?

It’s a strange time to be a disabled person working in the arts in the UK. It’s a rollercoaster – amazing work and opportunities, such as the Four Fridas’ centre stage at GDIF, Ramps on the Moon and the many pieces by disabled artists heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe, and on the other side repeated cuts and changes to benefits which are leaving disabled people once again marginalised and angry. It truly is both the best and worst of times.

Producing the work is at the core of Unlimited – commissioning artists, getting work made, getting it seen. But thats only half the picture. If you are in receipt of public funds, as Unlimited is, then we think there is also a responsibility to use that work and those opportunities to challenge, shift and change the cultural sector for the better. Unlimited is a time limited programme – as it should be – we have a role to play in making sure the cultural sector becomes so inclusive and welcoming for all, that we are no longer needed.

So how do we measure this impact? How do we find out if we are making a big enough difference?

We’ve a number of evaluation strands to help us answer our key question- ‘is Unlimited the best art reaching the widest audience with the most impact?’. We have a commission already in place assessing artistic quality, and another looking at audience and geographic reach. It’s now time to start focusing on the impact of the programme as a whole.

So we are advertising a new tender, we want someone to conduct a stakeholders’ analysis for us, to examine whether Unlimited is changing the way in which disability and creativity are viewed within the cultural sector, and if so, how can we do it better?

Interested? Or able to help us circulate this so we can find people who are?

Click here to see the full invitation to tender.