Celf O Gwmpas Portfolio Programme

Image shows a foreground of a table covered in art supplies and a young woman painting in the background

Unlimited Trainee Simon examines how Celf O Gwmpas, with the help of Unlimited Impact, have been supporting young artists to grow their practice.

Celf O Gwmpas are an arts venue based in Mid Wales, they engage with contemporary art, artists and the community through a varied creative programme.

Recently, with backing from Unlimited Impact, they have created an accessible artists portfolio programme. The artist-led sessions, running on a regular basis over ten months, aim to help a group of six local disabled young people develop both their practical and critical skills.

The programme includes two visits to public galleries to enable the group to see contemporary art practice and place their own work in a wider context. The project has fostered a creative environment where participants have also been given studio space so that they put their creative learning into  practice and further develop their own ideas.Mentoring support is being offered to the young artists with the ambition of them progressing to other opportunities such as making an application to art school, or developing their studio practice in other ways. The project will conclude in June 2016 with the young artists working collaboratively to organise a group exhibition of their work in the centre CELF gallery.

Director of Celf o Gwmpas, Shân Edwards, shared some of the young people’s work with us:

Rhianna Lego model3 Rhianna Lego model 1 Rhianna Lego model 2 Rhianna Drawing 3

One of the young artists worked with Lego making abstract pictures that looked like something from the Bahaus and this translated into some interesting charcoal drawings. (Images 1 – 4)

Rhianna Collage 1

Emily takingoff stencil

Emily printing

The participants drew a series of sketches of a still life, simplified it and started collaging the simplified drawing. (Images 5 – 8)

Rube and Ruby in the studio

Ruby in the studio

Studio at Celf

Emily Rhianna and Shan at Celf

Inspired by the book ‘Picturing People’ the artists collaged three sketches featuring people from pictures in magazines who were placed into new backgrounds. The images were traced off on to acetate and projected and traced off at a larger scale in felt tip pen.
 Elements of the images were coloured in. (Images 9-12)

Emily's painting

Ruby's work

This inspired the creation of a painting with found images. Some striking images by the young artists emerged from this process. (Images 13 – 14)

Those Frink Heads

The artists made a series of giant profiles using a projector, lining paper to make templates and a paint roller to fake prints. The aim was to fake a print without equipment and resulted in some fantastic images. (Image 15)



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