Demystifying Access: a resource pack for the performing arts

Clara, assistant producer for Unlimited,  introduces a new guide for producers and performance makers: Demystifying Access – how to create better access for audiences to the performing arts.

In my practice as an independent producer of small scale performance, I’ve found myself frustrated by the lack of resources and confidence to make the work I produce accessible to all. Most of the time budgets for production and touring are so insanely tight, it’s hard to pay the artists properly – let alone pay for interpreters, audio-describers, specialised marketing and so on.

Working with Unlimited has opened my eyes to the range of barriers that get in the way of people accessing the performing arts, and the diversity of solutions that exist to try and remove those barriers.  I meet inspiring artists, with and without personal experience of disability, all making significant efforts to make their work accessible to all.  It became clear to me that beyond having an ‘access budget’, finding solutions starts with having the right state of mind and addressing the issue head on.

So I asked my colleagues at Shape and Artsadmin, I interviewed artists, I searched the web for resources that already exist, and I put it all together into a document to help my peers, performance makers and producers in the small to mid scale.  This is not a finished document – its a working one which I intend to update as and when relevant, taking in feedback and contributions.  I hope it will inspire and empower you to take action in making your work accessible to all audiences. Please pass it on to anyone you think might find it useful.

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READ THE RESOURCE PACK: Demystifying Access: a guide for producers and performance makers: how to create better access for audiences to the performing arts.

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