Dreaming of Travelling

Has the application process for Unlimited made you dream big?

Has it sparked a desire to bring your work to audiences beyond the UK?

Hop onto that plane, ship that artwork, and start talking to international partners about your practice?

Our partner British Council and funder Arts Council England have just announced the next round of the Artists’ International Development Fund.  This is a small fund, that has existed for a couple of years now, to enable individual artists and collaborators, emerging or mid-career, and independent producers, to establish more meaningful relationships abroad.

It is an opportunity to fund that overdue visit to a festival that has been asking to see your work, or to go to that arts centre on the other side of the world that fascinates you.  It’s about new networks, new relationships, and laying the bricks for future opportunities for England-based artists.

We at Unlimited are encouraging artists to consider this call out, in order to bring disability-led art from England to the rest of the world, and make a strong case for diversity beyond our borders.

You have until Friday 9th May to think, dream, plan, and submit an application.

Have a look at Arts Council England’s website for more information.

And, we hope, bon voyage!