Interview with ‘Your Slogan Here’ competition winner

Sharon Adokorach next to her winning design

Our ‘Your Slogan Here’ competition winner was Sharon Adokorach whose T-shirt design ‘Wear your Heart on your Sleeve’ won over the attendees of Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival where it was displayed alongside other shortlisted entries.

Sharon Adokorach creates intricate drawings in which she delicately arranges shapes and colours to create unusual patterns and designs. Sharon’s work is inspired by images she finds in books, on the Internet and in the world around her, viewed through the lens of her wonderfully vivid imagination.

Through her artwork Sharon communicates what she finds interesting and intriguing in the world. Her colourful, intricate patterns are often encased in shapes that are easily recognisable, such as hearts, flowers, tables, chairs, shapes that are part of her everyday life and very personal to her.

Sharon is a very friendly and open person. She is excited by the idea of people looking at her work and responding to it. She views her artistic practice as a conversation and she wants the viewer to be a participant in her artwork… She asks “What do you think about this?”

Sharon is resident artist at ActionSpace’s Camden Studio.

What was the inspiration for your T shirt design?
It’s my favourite shape with different patterns inside. I asked people in my ActionSpace groups which one of my shapes with patterns they liked the best. I care about what people think about my work and I like to get their answer to my questions “What do you think about this?”

What is your chosen artistic discipline and why?
I like drawing because it is more interesting than painting. I use magic marker pens to create my designs. They help me make very detailed colourful patterns.

What does the Unlimited Impact programme mean to you?
It is exciting to be part of this because I liked seeing the other artists’ work. I like that my artwork is being seen by lots of people.

What would you like to see Unlimited Impact doing in the future for young artists?
More opportunities to show my artwork in nice places like the Southbank Centre and other art galleries, also posters in public places.

What are you working on at the moment or next?
Butterflies and new shapes with more detailed patterns. I am thinking about new ideas about how to make my patterns.

ActionSpace supports the development of artists with learning disabilities in a professional studio environment and creates innovative projects for people with learning disabilities to engage with the visual arts.


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