Introducing Wendy Hoose’s female lead, Amy Conachan!

Amy Concachan in Bed on stage in Wendy Hoose

Amy Conachan plays Laura the self-assured female lead in Wendy Hoose a frank ‘sex comedy’ which will be supported by Unlimited for its Autumn 2014 tour. Unlimited caught up with Amy about Wendy Hoose, a co-production by Birds Of Paradise and Random Accomplice, and another other current role – that of a student.

Amy Conachan, 23, is currently in her second year of studying her BA in Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is the first disabled student on her course, and is also the first on her course to have landed herself not one but two leading professional theatre roles already.

We spoke to her about Wendy Hoose:

‘I love my role in Wendy Hoose! Laura is so strong and confident and knows what she wants; it is really fun to play. She’s very different to me in some ways and very similar in others. It’s nice to have a balance of strong and soft qualities in a character and I think she moves between the two throughout. The script is very funny, and a little bit outrageous so every night it’s a joy to play this part and it’s always a pleasure to work with James (who plays the male lead Jake).’

As a disabled actress, have you felt restricted by the range of roles offered to you?

‘So far, I haven’t felt limited as I have been cast in many roles that weren’t written as disabled characters. However, in my professional career, I have felt more in demand due to my disability, as both parts have been disabled characters. There are so few disabled characters written in theatre, TV and film so I’m sure I will feel the limitations at some point in my career but it hasn’t affected me in a negative way so far. I hope to be cast mostly in non-disabled roles though.’

Wendy Hoose is retouring in September 2014, what are you working on at the moment?

‘Currently, I am playing the title role in Gerda Steveson’s play Skeleton Wumman that opens at Oran Mor in Glasgow. In her life,  Skeleton Wumman was severely disabled, she couldn’t talk or walk, now she is in her afterlife where she is a skeleton that lives under the sea.  She is now able to move around freely and talk very eloquently (in Scots) and she tells the audience stories of her life’

Tell us a little bit more about you and what inspired you to be an actress?

I like to travel as much as I can, I am a keen swimmer and love baking miniature cupcakes. I enjoy going to the cinema and theatre, I definitely learn from watching other people. I have been acting since I was a child, but Wendy Hoose was my first professional role, and what an amazing production to kick of my career with… long may it continue!


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