So what kind of art is Unlimited?

In the last month, we held surgery days in London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and met with nearly 70 different artists to discuss their projects and potential applications for this round of Unlimited.  The advice sessions were aimed at informing artists and their producers as to the criteria of the scheme, and helping them clarify their ambitions and articulate them in the application.

We’ve been inspired and excited at the range of work shared with us, across all art forms – poetry, installation, performance, film, music, visual arts, publishing  – and at all scales, from one-to-one interactions to large scale performances. It seems there isn’t a type or scale of work that disabled artists and companies working with them aren’t interested in working in.

These meetings have enabled artists to clarify their vision and ambitions for their work as part of Unlimited, check their developing ideas against the criteria, and ask specific questions that relate to their work. The feedback has been unanimously positive:

“Attended an Unlimited surgery at DaDaFest office last week, feeling ready to tackle the application form soon. Ideas are flowing.”

“Went to a surgery this afternoon; don’t think I’m quite `there’ yet but good to get advice & start thinking Bigger.”

“It certainly appears that every effort possible is being made to help applicants to make the most of the massive opportunity that the Unlimited program provides.”

So what kind of work is Unlimited looking for? Quite simply it’s for art by disabled artists.  Unlimited is about artistic quality – we want to support work that is extraordinary, moving, powerful, important, significant… and judging by the quality of the ideas put forwards in the surgeries, there is no shortage of quality work out there to choose from.

We’ve updated our Frequently Asked Questions Document, which you can view here – have a read, it may help you clarify your thoughts for your application.

Best of luck!