Craig Simpson – Making My Film

An image of Craig simpson during a performance

Scottish based dancer Craig Simpson, shares how his new dance film is coming along

In October 2013 Craig was a performer, collaborator and devisor in a new full length work ‘Private Party’ performed over 5 nights at The Arches, in Glasgow. As part of this work he created a ‘male quartet’, where his improvised and rehearsed movement material was mirrored and amplified by the male dancers in the company.

Craig is now interested in reproducing and re-creating this idea as a dance film, not least because, in his words “I like seeing myself” and “I like the audience watching the dancing”. In sharing the “nice feeling in my arms and legs when I’m dancing”; And in working with a bigger group of performers because it “gives people a chance to be involved in it”

Craig's notes photographed and arranged in order

Craig will work alongside long-term collaborator, dance artist and Choreographer Janice Parker. Janice will support Craig artistically, practically and conceptually to develop his ideas and to realise his vision.

Craig’s finished film is to be screened at Unlimited’s exhibition in Summerhall during this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 5th August – 5th October.

Notes Transcript:

Making My Film

A few weeks ago at the festival theatre. We had all the men. And we were on stage in the festival theatre. And I done my dancing with the men on stage. And we talked about – me & Janice, we talked about music and costume.

Some of us wore bare feet, some trainers. We had changing rooms we put our stuff inside. We had a wee problem the sound in the speaker, it was crackling, very weird but the man fixed it.

And we had a group talk, we were talking about what we would do – Filming and putting it together (Martin & Janice will do that)

We were on stage. I was in the middle. Martin was in the balcony filming. Ken where the audience stand and filmed me in my bare feet.

Janice said I think you’ll manage it! It was Luke, Paul, Alan, Greig & the 2 guys – can’t remember their names!

They liked me and my dancing. They were in the audience and I was showing them how to do it.

I done shopping for my 2 shirts with Robert. It was fantastic!! Because it’s nice, my dance is good. So professional cause I’m used to do a lot of dancing.

I did the warm ups – with the men & Janice. I teach them how to relax, it’s good for you. We done it in like a circle.

Me & Janice did a duet. We done some – she was copying me and my movements. It was good fun she enjoyed it.


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