11 Million Reasons: A Photographic Exhibition

Back in January 2015 we caught up with Photographer Sean Goldthorpe and Producer Louise Wildish of People Dancing, as they embarked on the 11 Million Reasons Project;

11 Million Reasons, produced by People Dancing, is a photographic exhibition by emerging disabled photographer Sean Goldthorpe, who, with support from Unlimited Impact, was commissioned to create 20 new works inspired by iconic dance moments in film.

From the classic ‘Singing in the Rain’ to ‘StepUp II’ each image has an uncanny familiarity which has been re-imagined with a cast of professional and non-professional disabled dancers.

A group of dancers recreating a scene from Step Up 2

The exhibition launched on Friday 8th May with a message from Caroline Bowditch, board member of People Dancing, who was unable to attend the exhibition launch. Caroline explained that she had reservations on the initial project idea and she was concerned that the images might be seen as twee and unsure what they would achieve. Caroline went on to explain that the final works were a huge success, and had far exceeded her expectations!

The exhibition showed ‘incredible vision’ and conveys an important message for choreographers, programmers and dance professional everywhere.  By placing disabled people centre stage and showing what a body can do when they are allowed to inhabit these spaces, they ask “why more disabled people are not seen on the stage and screen?”

The project took place in 12 indoor and outdoor locations with 21 separate shoots and over 160 people involved. The work took three months in total to complete.

The stunning, powerful, emotive, and humorous images are diverse with many bringing a subtle but relevant message. The complete portfolio will tour the UK in the next two years and aims to be a resource and inspiration to a number of people, especially Deaf and disabled people participating in dance activity.

The work will support existing performances, be present at symposiums and festivals, and aims to engage an audience way beyond the dance sector.

Watch this behind the scenes film and let the participants tell you their projects story: 11 Million Reasons

11 Million Reasons runs until 29 May 2015 @ The Curve Theatre, Leicester

If you are interested in finding out more about this exhibition go to: 11 Million Reasons



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