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Spirit of 2012 was established by the Big Lottery Fund with an endowment of £47m from the sale of the Olympic and Paralympic village. Spirit believes in equal chances; working to ensure the country as a whole benefits from the values, opportunities and spirit of the London 2012 Games. It tackles isolation and disadvantage by supporting those providing opportunities in sports, the arts and volunteering, by investing in happiness: empowering people to get out, be involved and feel better.

Spirit is funding Unlimited Impact. It is key to Spirit’s vision to sustain and extend the change in perceptions of disability that came about through the London 2012 Games. Unlimited changes the way we view disability and its success at using art to inspire, empower and challenge made it is an exciting and important initiative to support. Spirit funding enables Unlimited Impact to take this to venues and audiences across England and Scotland to enable more people to get involved in the Unlimited programme.

Unlimited Impact is supported through the Spirit of Achievement programme.