Unlimited Impact Mentoring – Layla Hall with Candoco Dance Company

Cando2, Candoco Dance Company. Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival.

When did you start dancing?

I started as a self-taught dancer in my bedroom from age 4. I found it really difficult being a wheelchair and getting opportunities in dance. However I have never let my disability stop me doing what I loved the most –  dancing.  I have always had an Interest and true passion for dance. It allows me to discover and push boundaries with my movement ability and has taught me to use my disability in a positive way. Being a part of Bridlington youth was my first real opportunity to dance with other people but it wasn’t until I went to Dudley College and studied dance I really knew I wanted to turn my passion into a career.

 How did you get involved with Candoco Dance Company?

I first heard about Candoco at college and was the first time I had seen inclusive dance. I was blown away and immediately knew they were a company I’d love to be more involved in.  I auditioned for Candoco just as I was leaving college and was my first time dancing with other disabled dancers.  I was so proud of myself reaching the top 3 of the audition. Despite not having enough dance experience to get further they have supported me in my dance ever since. I am also a member of Cando2. I can honestly say I would not be progressing in dance like I am without Candoco’s support and guidance. I will be forever grateful to them for this.

What do you hope to gain through your mentoring sessions?

A greater understanding of who I am as a dancer and as a wheelchair dancer.  To get involved in a variety and extensive amount of dance opportunities. To successfully secure a place at university for September 2015 studying BAhons Dance. Continue to improve on my contemporary and ballet training and choreographing skills. To work more with Candoco and get involved with as much as possible with them and also to continue to dance with cando2. I would also love to grow in confidence in my choreographing and teaching skills.

What Dance companies or artists inspire you?

I am inspired by inclusive dance and companies like Candoco & Stopgap. I love the work, teaching and choreography techniques of Candoco, Stopgap, Gdance, Marc Brew & Caroline Bowditch. I also love the work of DV8.  I’m really inspired by ballet and love to choreograph it on myself & others.

Where do you hope to be in five years time?

I hope to have graduated from university in BAhons in dance. I also hope to have gained a varied and extensive range of dance experience. I ultimately would love to have the skills needed to be in an inclusive dance company pursuing my dream of being a professional dancer.


Image credit: Cando2, Candoco Dance Company. Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival.


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