Unlimited is Searching for an Animator

Art work on a brick wall of three traffic signs. The first one is a red triangle with two hands using BSL with the words 'Warning! People using sign language ahead!' the middle sign is a blue rectangle with white text that says 'Equality? Man on the moon 1969, Full access to public transport 2020' and then on the right is another triangle with the BSL sign thumbs down with the word 'steps' underneath
Image Credit: Caroline Cardus ‘The Way Ahead’

Unlimited is currently looking to contract an animator or animation studio to create an animated video of the Social Model of Disability. It’s a challenge that we’re sure the right person or team will be able to tackle creatively, and we can’t wait to see your responses.

As we’ve travelled around the world, we’ve realised the Social Model of Disability can be a complex concept to understand, and so Unlimited is challenging you even further by asking you to illustrate this concept without using words (or at least using as few words as possible). We are looking for a short film, of around 90 seconds, which communicates a clear and concise explanation of the Social Model which can be understandable to non-English speakers.

We will use this resource for our exciting International work in the arts sector – and will make it freely available for anyone else to use too.
You can read more about Unlimited here and about our work and International work here.

If you’re an animator or studio who thinks they can rise to this challenge, have a look at our creative brief below for further details.

Send an Expression of Interest detailing your approach to the task (no more than 500 words), along with your CV and any relevant portfolio materials to Sara Dziadik on: sara@shapearts.org.uk by 12 noon, Friday 15th September.

If you require the brief in an alternative format, or have any questions, please contact Sara.

You can find an Easy Read resource on the Social Model of Disability here.

Download Brief (Word)

Download Brief (PDF)