Unlimited trainee post deadline coming soon

Rosie reading over some of her notes

Jo Verrent wonders if you know someone who could be our next trainee?

The next traineeship will start mid January 2016. The deadline to submit applications is 12pm on 7th December 2015 – and you can find out more information on what we are looking for and how to apply here.

The Unlimited Traineeship is a year long paid opportunity for someone to join the Unlimited team and learn more about producing art by disabled artists. It’s a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in arts management, and we are particularly encouraging disabled people to apply to the post.

Find out what our first trainee, Rosie, made of her experience:

You’ll find an audio described version here

Alongside the traineeship, we have taken on a small number of interns over the last 18 months. This included Morwenna Collet, coming all the way from Australia to shadow and support the Unlimited team during Unlimited Festival 2014; and Amy Powell, and artist in her own right looking for further behind-the-scenes experience.

Watch a subtitled video interview with Amy here: Amy Powell Interview Subtitled

Listen to the Audio Described interviews with Amy here: Amy Powell Interview AD

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining the Unlimited Team – do ask them to get in touch.

Click here to apply

Not long until the deadline now!