Your Slogan Here

‘Your Slogan Here’ was an Unlimited Impact competition offering young disabled people under 26 living in England and Scotland the opportunity to design a slogan and/or image for a T-shirt to be exhibited at the Southbank Centre during the Unlimited festival.

Young disabled people submitted a design that addressed the everyday social, political and personal issues that matter to them. Our Unlimited selection panel selected their 10 favourite designs which were made into a limited edition run of T-shirts and prints for exhibition at the Southbank Centre, Shape Gallery, Westfield, Stratford and further afield.

Attendees of the festival will be able to vote for their favourite design, and the overall winner will be announced on September 5th at the festival itself and receive a whopping £300 prize!

This opportunity provided a great opportunity for young disabled people to get involved, speak out and be heard!

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